Week 1
***Friday, August 26th is the last day to add courses online.

Monday 8/22               Welcome! Go over syllabus and discuss course expectations.

Homework: Set up your WordPress Blog and send me a link. We’ll go over WordPress basics next class. For now, you should have a blog that I can follow.

Wednesday 8/24          Go over WordPress basics.

Homework: Finish blog design and make an introductory post. Include an image that represents “digital culture” to you and write about 100 words explaining why. If you haven’t sent me a link to your blog yet, do it now. If you notice that I’m not following you by class time Friday, send the link again.

Friday 8/26                 Due: Blog Post #1

Follow up on WordPress designs. Look at digital culture images.

Homework: Read C.J. Ducasse’s essay, “Are the Humanities Worth Their Keep?” Write a 200-word blog post that explains the circumstances that motivate his title question and summarizes his answer. Be sure to offer specific examples from his essay to illustrate why he thinks the humanities are indeed worth their keep.

Week 2

Monday 8/29               Due: Blog Post #2

Discuss Ducasse. Introduction to Ed Tech as an industry.

Homework: Read Audrey Watters’s lecture, “Ed Tech and the Commercialization of School.” Then take a look at one of two New York Times articles: “Educators Discuss the Future of Higher Education” or “Amazon Unveils Online Education Service for Teachers.” In a short blog post, explain how the article you picked confirms or complicates what Watters says about the changing relationship between schools and the tech industry.

Wednesday 8/31          Due: Blog Post #3

Discuss Watters and Ed Tech. Introduction to research technology.

Homework: Find a TED talk about libraries and post it to your blog. Write a short summary of the speaker’s main idea.

Friday 9/2                   Due: Blog Post #4

Discuss library’s role in education. Watch one TED talk. Introduction to Project #1.

Homework: Visit Holland/Terrell Libraries to find a poem not already posted to Take a picture of the book page as well as the book’s title and copyright pages. (Take a “shelfie” and post to your blog for extra credit.) Transcribe your poem as a plain-text (.txt) file and email it to me. Sign up for a Genius account.


Week 3

Monday 9/5                 Labor Day observed. No class.

Wednesday 9/7            Due: Poem as plain text file.

Go over Poetry Genius and illuminated manuscripts. Demonstrate Voyant and Poemage in class.

Homework: Use Voyant or Poemage to create a visualization of your poem. Save it (using screen capture) and post the image to your blog with a short explanation of what it helps you understand about your poem.

Friday 9/9                   Squires out of town. No class.

Week 4

Monday 9/12               Due: Blog Post #5

Lab day: Meet @ CDSC. Work on Poetry Genius annotations.

Homework: Working from your visualizations and annotations, write a rough draft of your close reading. Bring it to class ready to workshop.

Wednesday 9/14          Due: Close reading rough draft.

Workshop close reading rough drafts.

Homework: Finish Project #1: Annotations and close reading. Format paper using MLA standards and print (or print) a hard copy to submit in class. Be sure your Poetry Genius user name is included in the heading.

Friday 9/16                 Due: Project #1

Did we break copyright? Take YouTube copyright quiz. Introduction to Project #2.

Homework: Read the beginning of Lawrence Lessig’s book Free Culture (pages 17-30). Write a 200-word blog post that explains his argument about “free culture” and its importance for creative production. How do we balance free use with protection of intellectual property? Find a copyrighted work of art online to include in your post. Describe how you found it.


Week 5
***Tuesday, September 20th is the last day to drop classes without record.

Monday 9/19               Due: Blog post #6

Discuss Lessig and copyright. Look at Creative Commons.

Homework: Read Lessig, “Recorders—Transformers—Collectors” (pages 95-115). Write a 200-word blog post that explains the limitations of “fair use” for people who make and collect creative works. Find a work of art licensed under Creative Commons to include in your blog post.

Wednesday 9/21          Due: Blog post #7

Discuss Lessig and fair use.

Homework: Read the “Guerilla Open Access Manifesto” and an article about its author, Aaron Swartz, “Tragic Battle with Copyright.” Read more about him here: Aaron Swartz. Find a different news article about Aaron Swartz. Link to it on your blog and write a brief description of its tone. Does it echo the Vice article? Or does it express a different attitude about Swartz?

Friday             9/23               Due: Blog post #8

Discuss Aaron Swartz and the open access movement.


Week 6

Monday 9/26               Lab day: Meet @ CDSC. We’ll be hearing from WSU’s scholarly communications librarian and looking at Open Access textbooks.

Wednesday 9/28          Discuss Open Access research. Look at library resources.

Homework: Using the library’s online resources, find an article about social media. Post the bibliographic information with a short summary of the article in your own words.

Friday 9/30                 Due: Blog post #9

Discuss social media articles. Teach the teach: what is social media? What’s interesting about it?

Homework: Write up a short description of your own use of social media. Where do you have accounts? How do you use them differently?

Week 7

Monday 10/3               Due: Blog post #10

Begin brainstorming for Open Access book on social media. What topics does it need to cover? What will the chapters look like? Organize groups and exchange contact info.

Homework: Read Zeynep Tufekci, “What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson.” Search Twitter using the hashtag #Ferguson and post some of the example tweets to your blog. How are people using that hashtag now?

Wednesday 10/5          Due: Blog post #11

Discuss Tufekci and news filters.

Homework: Attend #BLM symposium. Take notes and post an event summary to your blog.

Friday 10/7                 #BLM Symposium @ CDSC


Week 8
***Midterm grades due Wednesday, October 12.

Monday 10/10             Due: Blog post #12

Discuss symposium. Introduction to Scalar. Look at Media + Archives and Sailing the Empire examples.

Homework: Sign up for a Scalar account and join course book. Visit the Scalar Works to see more examples and to find our class project. Search our book title or my name, then request to join the project as an author.

Wednesday 10/12        Working in groups, begin assigning duties and planning workflow.

Homework: Continue working on Scalar chapter.

Friday 10/14               Lab day: Meet @ CDSC. Work on Scalar chapter.

Homework: Read introduction to danah boyd, It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens (pgs 1-28). Do you agree with boyd’s assessment of social media in the lives of young people? Why or why not. Does anything she says resonate with what you’re writing for your Scalar chapter?

Week 9

Monday 10/17             Meet @ CDSC. Discuss boyd chapter. Continue working on Scalar project.

Homework: Continue working on Scalar chapter. Have a draft ready to workshop in class on Wednesday.

Wednesday 10/19        Due: Scalar page.

Meet @ CDSC to work on Scalar book.

Homework: Revise and complete Scalar chapter.

Friday 10/21               Due: Project #2

Prepare for presentations on Monday.

Homework: Work with group to finish preparing for presentations.


Week 10

Monday 10/24             Presentation Day: Meet @ CDSC for Open Access Week showcase.

Wednesday 10/26        Introduction to Project #3. Discuss upcoming elections. Look at Digital Politics podcast episodes for ideas.

Friday 10/28               Begin watching Digital Nation.


Week 11

Monday 10/31             Finish watching Digital Nation.

Homework: Post a short explanation of one issue that Digital Nation covers that the upcoming election cannot resolve.

Wednesday 11/2          Due: Blog post #13

Discuss Digital Nation and political issues related to technology.

Homework: Pick topic for documentary and begin doing research. Link to related materials in a blog post.

Friday 11/4                 Due: Blog post #14

Brainstorm plans for documentaries. Look at some examples.

Homework: Read excerpt from Robert Coles, Doing Documentary Work (“The Work: Locations in Theory”). Post a response to your blog that explains how he defines documentary work as related to but distinct from ethnography, history, or news reporting.


Week 12

Monday 11/7               Due: Blog post #15

Discuss Coles and documentary making. Look at more examples.

Homework: Read Andrew Ross, “In Search of the Lost Paycheck.” Post a brief summary of his main argument and at least one discussion question to your blog.

Wednesday 11/9          Due: Blog post #16

Discuss Ross and the value of creative work.

Homework: Begin work on your documentary by collecting materials—original video or sound footage, or possibly archival resources that you can feature. Bring them to CDSC so you can begin to share and assemble them.

Friday 11/11               Veterans Day observed. No class.


Week 13
***Friday, November 18th is the last day to withdraw from classes.

Monday 11/14             Due: Documentary materials

No class: Begin putting together your documentary.

Homework: Continue working on documentary.
Wednesday 11/16        Lab day: Meet @ CDSC. Continue working on documentary.

Friday 11/18               Discuss artist statements. Look at documentary examples for ideas about how to add finishing touches to your own project.

Homework: Write artist statement and complete draft of documentary. Have both ready to workshop after break.


Week 14

Monday 11/21             Thanksgiving break. No class.

Wednesday 11/23        Thanksgiving break. No class.

Friday 11/25               Thanksgiving break. No class.


Week 15

Monday 11/28             Due: Documentary and artist statement drafts

Workshop documentaries and artist statements. Prepare for presentations.

Wednesday 11/30        Presentations

Friday 12/2                 Presentations


Week 16

Monday 12/5               Presentations

Wednesday 12/7          Presentations

Friday 12/9                 Due: Project #3

Final class! Wrap up presentations if need be and sign off.