Course Requirements

WSU uses a lettered grading policy, A-F, including + and – grades. Your final grade will be calculated according to the following breakdown:

Engagement: 20%

Participation begins with attendance. Both absence and tardiness will affect this portion of your grade. I encourage open communication whenever you miss class. After two absences, you must speak with me to avoid penalty. Otherwise, a third absence will result in the reduction of your participation grade by a full letter grade. A fourth absence will result in the reduction of your final grade by a full letter grade. A fifth absence will result in a failing grade for the course. Arrival in class more than 10 minutes after it begins will count as an absence.

Absence does not justify turning in assignments late. Sickness happens, accidents happen, bad weather happens, computer problems happen, over-sleeping happens, family crises happen, the bus comes late… that’s why you get two absences no questions asked. Save them for such emergencies. Above all, stay in touch. Communication is central to this course.

Your engagement grade will also reflect the quality and thoughtfulness of your contributions in class, respect shown to class members, as well as your attitude and role in small group exercises. This course cannot work unless everyone comes prepared. Review your syllabus frequently and plan your workload accordingly.

Blogging: 20%

Class discussions will be organized around assigned reading. To prepare for class in advance, you will blog about readings and course activities throughout the semester. These blog posts will be graded for completion rather than quality. Complete them on time and you have nothing to worry about. However, falling behind can have serious consequences. Completing 10 out of 15 posts, for instance, will earn you a D. To calculate your grade, simply divide the number of completed posts by 15 (e.g. 10/15 = 66%).

Formal Assignments 60%

Major assignments will be graded using the A – F scale. You have the right to revise the first assignment for a higher grade. I encourage you to meet with me to discuss the nature of the revisions you will make. The original graded work and a brief letter explaining your process must accompany the revision for a higher grade. Revisions are due to me no later than Monday, November 28th.

Final Grade Breakdown

Engagement: 20%
Blog: 20%
Formal Assignments: 60%

  • Annotation & analysis: 20%
  • Open Access Textbook: 20%
  • Documentary: 20%