Extra Credit Events

This semester the Center for Digital Scholarship & Curation will host a number of events that you may attend for extra credit. The first two take place this Wednesday.

To get extra credit, you need to post a short response to the event (what it was about, how it was useful) to your blog. Credit will be assigned one of two ways. If you miss more than three classes, attendance at an extra credit event will make up for one of those absences. If your attendance is in good standing, extra credit will go to your blog count (graded out of 15 total). If you end up with more than 15 blog posts at the end of the semester, I will reassign that credit to the category where it will make the most impact.

Check out the CDSC Events page for the full line-up of events. If other events around campus relate to our class, you may also attend those for extra credit on the condition that you get my approval in advance.



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